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Gem Worlds: Now with Ajwa Dates

Night Blade
Night Blade
Laid the foundation for more interesting items

This week, I laid the foundation for the inventory and item system. Unlike skills - some of which have a cooldown between repeated use, and some of which have a limited number of uses per level - you can only use items you have.
You can find items, randomly created, in levels (more on that later). Once found, items remain in your inventory until you reach game over, allowing you to stockpile them for interesting challenges later.
You can see me find, stockpile, and eat a date in this video:
Gem Worlds: Now with Ajwa Dates
Gem Worlds: Now with Ajwa Dates
Right now, items only appear in levels. Maybe I will add them to the skill/item shop, too, so you can buy them before runs (haven’t decided yet). Personally, I don’t like spending valuable permanent currency on temporary items.
Each level spawns a few chests, and the appearance changes depending on the world. Here are some close-ups of a couple of chest designs:
I spent quite a bit of time coding the basis of the item system. InshaAllah (God willing), the plan is to add more and different types of items to treasure chests next, to provide different strategic options. I hope this addition makes the game feel more roguelike, and less puzzle-like.
If you have any thoughts, or questions, hit reply and let me know what you’re thinking.
P.S. Ajwa dates are a specific type found in and around the city of Medinah, in Saudi Arabia
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