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Gem Worlds: Looking Toward a Beta Release

Night Blade
Night Blade
I completed 13 skills out of 26 planned.

As a roguelike, the core player experience for Gem Worlds revolves around skills: play through a couple of worlds, die, buy new skills (or upgrade existing ones) with all the gems you earned, and try again. Rinse, repeat.
To make this fun and interesting, the game needs a number of different skills. After some code clean-up to make skills easier to make, I created a number of skills this week. This brings the total to 13 skills (nine optional ones, and health/light upgrades).
Gem Worlds: Skills Preview
Gem Worlds: Skills Preview
This video showcases three skills:
  • Poison beaker, which creates a poisonous area that deals damage over time (every turn) until it disappears
  • Invisible, which makes you impossible to chase, and prevents adjacent monsters from attacking you
  • Bubble shield, which absorbs some damage
You can upgrade every skill to make it more potent. Poison lasts longer, bubble shield absorbs more damage, the hammer knocks monsters back farther, stopwatch stops time for longer, etc.
While I initially planned (and drew art for) 26 skills in ten worlds, 13 skills seems enough for five worlds. The next milestone is the beta release.
Ramadan’s coming up in April, and I likely won’t work on the game much for a month or so. At this point, it’s a race against the clock to finish some last odds-and-ends, polish the game, and fix bugs.
If I can, inshaAllah I will ship a very limited beta version around that time, to help figure out what the game needs. If you’re already on the mailing list, no need to do anything, you’ll get the instructions through email.
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Night Blade
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