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Gem Worlds: Icicles and Acceleration

Night Blade
Night Blade
Optimistically, I can finish this game much sooner than I thought.

Greetings! This week, I completed most of the third (ice) world: all of the tiles needed, and the background. I simplified the tile requirements a lot (which saves a lot of time per world), and it still looks good - check it out:
Greetings! I bring some interesting good news. Gem Worlds contains ten worlds - ten separate, unique biomes. I completed two for the Steam demo, and the third is underway; I’m pretty confident I can finish it in a week.
I originally thought each biome will take around a month, meaning the seven remaining biomes will take me into August. But, it turns out that - even with other changes - thanks to cutting out animations and simplifying tiles needed, each biome only takes around two weeks. Which means we might see a pre-release version as early as May! (With April off for Ramadan.)
World three is almost done; I just need to draw monsters and draft up their powers. The AIs pick from the same pool of five that I use in all ten worlds. Here’s how it looks today, with the new icicle obstacles:
Gem Worlds: Icicles break stuff!
Gem Worlds: Icicles break stuff!
You can also see icicles at play - once they get disturbed, they fall, damaging (and destroying) anything underneath.
Now, the good news: I thought new worlds will take about a month to complete. With the simplifications I made (some tiles are optional, no animation, etc.) I can now finish one world per two weeks. With one month off for Ramadan, that puts a tentative “content complete” date for end of May.
Of course, there’s lots more to do: options, sound design, difficulty tweaking, implementing skills, etc. But, the bulk of the game will be done. So, I’m hopeful that things will go well.
That’s all for this week! If you’d like to get a notification when the game ships, or help a solo indie dev out, wishlist it on Steam if you haven’t already (and my thanks if you have):
Until next time! If you have any thoughts on the ice world or icicles, hit reply and let me know!
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Night Blade
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