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Gem Worlds: Giant Tree World done

Night Blade
Night Blade
Did I actually complete a world in one week? Apparently, yes, I did…

Seems like Gem Worlds reached the interesting point where I can leverage existing systems, and quickly hammer out new stuff. Pixel art aside (since that’s unique and very, very hard), I completed lots of stuff this week alhamdulillah:
  • Redid all the tiles, it looks very giant-tree-like now
  • Made all the monster sprite: one-eyed apple creature, teleporting tree pixie, and poisonous mushroom
  • The unique obstacle here is beehives, which spawn (non-attacking, cute) bees that clutter stuff up. If killed, more bees spawn.
You can check out a video of it here (including me dying twice:
Video of me failing to complete the last level of the giant tree world in Gem Worlds
Video of me failing to complete the last level of the giant tree world in Gem Worlds
It looks like the game needs some rebalancing (or maybe I need to think more?) - I’m particularly proud of the poisonous mushrooms. Particles aside (those are little green skulls hovering around), the actual mushroom cloud itself is an entity, and interacts with others automatically. Without writing a line of code, I get:
  • Mushroom clouds hurt the player, other monsters, and even bees
  • Fireballs hit the cloud and explode
Pretty cool as far as the holy-grail of emergent design goes.
And now, excitingly enough, on to the fifth and final world: the mechanical world.
If you have any cool ideas, feedback, or comments, hit me up (just hit reply). Until next week, and thanks for subscribing!
P.S. did you wishlist the game, right? Right??
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Night Blade
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