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Gem Worlds: Full Skills + World #2

Night Blade
Night Blade
I finished (drawing) 22-23 skills, and most of the second world’s tiles.

Hello! Apologies for the delay in posts, I thought I posted something last week (but apparently forgot). Without further delay, here’s last week’s update: a look at 21 skills in the game (actual screenshot of the skill selection screen):
It’s a cool mix of different types. Most are active skills (select where and when to use them) which either have a cooldown (e.g. fireball: 5 turns) or have a fixed number of uses per level (e.g. stopwatch: 3 per level).
Others are passive skills (always taking effect) - such as the ability to smash walls, or find more gems per level.
Hopefully, many of them synergize well with others - such as the combination of both proximity and time bombs (bomberman?); or the ability to melee-stun enemies and drain health (vampire?)
I also started work on the second world! The initial theme was “crystal desert,” but it ended up taking a more Egyptian look-and-feel:
World 2, with enemies/environmentals from world 1
World 2, with enemies/environmentals from world 1
I’m not crazy about it, albeit it takes a lot of revision to make the art really pop. My plan for this week includes starting (and maybe finishing) on the monster art.
That’s all for now! If you don’t mind, hit “reply” to this email and let me know your thoughts about the skills and the desert world - good, bad, or ugly!
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Night Blade
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