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Night Blade
Night Blade
The base game includes four items. Plus, Early Access?!

First things first - I decided to ship Gem Worlds as an Early Access game on Steam. Despite planning to finish the game, I feel unsure about the overall experience. Too few levels? Too different? What skills are great, and what skills aren’t? Which items make sense?
To me, it makes a lot of sense to present this to players as “finished, needs a bit more polish, and your input on direction.” I hope you will all join me in shaping this game into the gem (pun not intended …) that it can be. If you haven’t already, wishlist the game to stay notified when it ships:
Aside from fixing lots and lots (and lots) of bugs, I completed all the planned items so far. This is one of the places where the game really shows its unique culture. You can check out three of the four in this video:
Gem Worlds: Items
Gem Worlds: Items
The four items:
  • Ajwa date (heals three health)
  • Samosa (invincible for five turns - stacks)
  • Treeling feather (teleport to a random location)
  • Light crystal (boost light radius by 20% for 10 turns - turns stack)
While skills have cooldowns, you can use items at any time. I find them useful when you’re in a pinch, or make a bad/wrong move and need to escape/minimize damage somehow.
As always, very interested in hearing your thoughts, both on Early Access, and items - the good, the bad, and the missing (any suggestions?) - please hit reply and let me know what you think.
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Night Blade
Night Blade @deengames

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