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Gem Worlds: Are we done yet?

Night Blade
Night Blade
Yes. The bulk of the game is done.

Gem Worlds: Spaceship World Done
Gem Worlds: Spaceship World Done
It’s no secret that I’m burned out. At this point, my habit of working on the game for at least 30 minutes a day is the only thing carrying it forward.
That said, the fifth and maybe final world is complete. You can see a preview of it above: monsters that spawn time-bombs, others that hatch out of eggs, and a void beast that becomes untouchable when you hurt it.
InshaAllah (God willing) the plan for the game includes three things:
  • Play-test like crazy and fix all the bugs
  • Add more skills, play-test like crazy, and fix all bugs
  • Launch waves of beta-testing
Each wave of beta-testing will include giving access to a small number of players (via this very mailing list), gathering feedback, and improving the game based on that feedback. That process continues until the game shines like a gem, or I get fed up and punt it out the door.
If you haven’t already, please wishlist the game on Steam; it helps drive more visibility.
Finally, for those new subscribers, welcome! Did you know you can reply to this email and contact me directly? It’s pretty awesome.
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Night Blade
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