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Gem World: An Exciting Announcement!

Night Blade
Night Blade
I’m excited, and I hope y'all are too!

Hello! First, apologies for the delay; I tried really hard to hit a milestone, which is why I didn’t post anything last week. And without further ado: Gem World is now available on Steam! Wishlist it here:
Every wishlist helps! (Aside from my personal motivation, every wishlist or Follow tells Steam how great the game is, which causes it to show up in front of more people!)
And now, a (hopefully) concise summary of changes from the last couple of weeks:
  • I talk about minimalism a lot (in game design and game development). To that end, I removed walk animations from the game. You can barely notice (even if you look carefully).
  • This, in turn, reduced my art workload a LOT, which allowed me to get everything done for the Steam page. (I almost gave up on this game because of the high art workload.)
  • I added a roguelike-like message console, which helps you understand what just happened (e.g. why water slimes are explosion-proof).
  • I finished teleporters, an obstacle in the desert world.
  • Gems now spawn enemies randomly sometimes (up to 1-2 each). The gem turns dark right before this happens. (Story reasons.)
  • Speaking of, I updated the story a fair bit. I’m pretty happy with it now.
  • Some monsters spawn boulders when they die. Oof!
  • It’s easier to code monsters now. Less code, mostly just their powers.
Check out this tweet of broken teleporter code: you keep teleporting non-stop! Very exciting bug! (Which I fixed, by the way.)
That’s a lot! The plan is to inshaAllah (God willing) start designing and drawing all the art for the third world, and maybe some coding to change things up. At this rate, the projected release date looks like mid-to-late 2022, but we’ll see how things develop.
Thanks for reading!
P.S. did you wishlist or follow the game on Steam yet?
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Night Blade
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