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Gem Roguelike: mechanically done, demo soon!

Night Blade
Night Blade
What do you get when you cross Boulder Dash with a roguelike? This.

I haven’t talked much about my new broughlike. I like to think of it as a cross between Boulder Dash or Supaplex, and broughlikes (rougelite-lite). It contains mechanics for bouth:
  • Dodge boulders, avoid enemies, and get to the exit without getting crushed or killed
  • Procedurally- (randomly-)generated levels
  • Limited health, skills, permanent upgrades
Lots transpired over the last two weeks! Specifically, I completed prototyping the major systems of the boulder-dodging gem-collecting part. I added the final mechanic, multiple gem types, today:
To complete this level, you  need 21, 18, and 24 gems of three respective types.
To complete this level, you need 21, 18, and 24 gems of three respective types.
On the roguelike side, I completed most of the mechanics: limited health (only three hearts, since it’s a broughlike); melee combat and player/monster death; and skills. For the prototype, the game ships with three skills:
  • Fireball (kills enemies, makes an explosion that kills enemies and detonates mines)
  • Hammer (knocks back an enemy up to three tiles)
  • Stopwatch (freezes time for five turns)
Broughlikes usually have interesting non-roguelike things in them, so I added environmental puzzles: mines (explode if crushed or detonated with a fireball/explosion) and non-breakable (iron/grey) walls.
The game plays quite fun already, and the difficulty scales up nicely as you progress further. Other than fixing bugs (lots of bugs), the game is pretty much ready to play-test. InshaAllah (I hope / God willing) to release the playable demo very soon!
If you’re interested in trying it out and giving me feedback, the official channel for that will be on my Discord, so drop in and lurk! We can chit-chat about game developments :)
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Night Blade
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