Gem Roguelike: Beyond the Alpha





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Night Blade
Night Blade
Shipped an updated alpha version, and tentatively got the right feedback

Gem Roguelike, Alpha v0.2.0
Gem Roguelike, Alpha v0.2.0
First, thank you all for trying out the alpha demo and giving your feedback - and especially your videos and stream! I really appreciate and benefited from the insight I got out of them.
For those of you who haven’t tried the alpha yet, you can grab it from my Discord:
I really need feedback on one specific frustrating aspect of the game (which I hope I fixed), so poke me on Discord if you play it so I can confirm if my fix is good.
Currently going back into planning this game - need to add a story, theme, hooks, Islamic values, and then I can proceed forward with the rest. Hopefully we’ll start seeing more content by next issue.
Thanks for playing and thanks for subscribing!
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Night Blade
Night Blade @deengames

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