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Frontier Planet, Week 4 - Issue #13

Night Blade
Night Blade
Plant crops, water crops, crops grow!

Frontier Planet, Week 4
Frontier Planet, Week 4
This week, I got awfully close to hitting my weekly goal: being able to harvest crops in Frontier Planet (yep, pretty much decided to stick to that name).
I spent an awful lot of time working on things behind the scenes, making sure that when you change maps, sleep, quit and reload your game, etc. everything remains exactly as it should be. The good news is that it all works, and it should allow me to make changes relatively easily without worrying about whether something will save or not.
As you can see in the video, the energy bar now displays the total energy left. Activities like digging and watering plants reduce it. If it hits zero, you need to sleep to recover it.
Crops grow over time if you water them daily, with each type of crop following its own schedule.
Despite the large amount of work left ahead of me, I don’t feel like my motivation is running out yet. This week, I plan to revisit the story (the main plot includes a few plot-holes), inshaAllah wrap up harvesting plants, and move on to the next major mechanic: chopping trees and mining rocks!
Until next week, and stay safe out there!
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Night Blade
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