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Frontier Planet, Week 2 - Issue #11

Night Blade
Night Blade
This week, you can see the beginnings of farming - but lots of technical issues

Frontier Planet, Week 2: Farming
Frontier Planet, Week 2: Farming
This week, I added the beginnings of farming to the game. You can dig in certain areas only (brown dirt); the cursor indicates whether you can dig or not.
I also added the beginnings of the inventory system. You can click the inventory bag to see the items you have on-hand.
Lastly, I forgot to show the day/night transition last week. You can see it in the video - sleeping rolls the day over, which is where things happen.
Actual changes aside, I ran into a lot of technical hurdles this week:
  • Getting the right icon to show, and being able to dig dirt, proved surprisingly difficult and required multiple attempts
  • I tweaked the buttons to be uglier, but smaller, they were just too huge with the previous skins
  • I struggled with pixel art for crops, which is not done yet (and so, not visible yet)
  • I ended up rewriting the save-game system twice because it kept crashing and wasn’t easy to access save data
Overall, it proved a very frustrating week, albeit you can see the slow, steady progress. The plan for next week includes inshaAllah (God willing) finishing farming:
  • Starting the game with five carrot seeds
  • Being able to plant, water, and see them grow, and harvest them
  • Keeping track of all the player changes to the world so they persist
As usual, if you have any feedback or questions, you can find me on the Deen Games Discord server.
Until next week, take care, and stay safe out there!
P.S. Frontier Planet is the current work-in-progress name, what do you think of it?
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Night Blade
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