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Frontier Planet: Half the Size, Double the Content!

Night Blade
Night Blade
I made the maps 4x as big, but what do I do with all that space … ?

Frontier Planet: Half the Tile Size, 4x the Map Size!
Frontier Planet: Half the Tile Size, 4x the Map Size!
Hello! This week, due to personal and health reasons, I didn’t spend much time on Frontier Planet. (I only spent 2.5 hours, compared to last week’s 6h 45m, which is more typical for me.)
In that time, I realized that making a 720p game is a bad idea. Not only do I find the art size difficult (64x64 tiles are HUGE to draw), the game maps actually seemed cramped. Plus, it looks blurry/weird on 1080p screens.
So I shrank it down to 32x32, and as a bonus, the game area is now four times as large.
Here’s the starting map (old version):
Here’s the same map resized (new version):
And the new maps look great! The energy bar looks decent. While the UI elements (buttons, panels, etc.) took a bit of an artistic hit, all my other art (except cut tree logs) were already 32x32 magnified 2x, so I didn’t lose anything.
On a side note, I’m not sure if I should continue with this project - it’s not terribly interesting to me, it doesn’t meet many/any of my goals, and it’s actually quite large. That said, I don’t know what I should build instead, so I may continue, or take a hiatus from this project, or even from game development in general for a while.
I’m still on Discord (and email), so if you want to chat, hit me up! Until then, stay safe out there!
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Night Blade
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