Frontier Planet: Chopping and Growing Trees





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Night Blade
Night Blade
You can now chop trees, which grow back over a few days

This week, as planned, I finally got trees working! You can chop down trees and collect wood:
Frontier Planet: Chopping Trees
Frontier Planet: Chopping Trees
Once you chop down trees, they grow back over time. They go through a couple of stages, from seedling to sapling to mature tree. These maple trees grow back over five days.
Here’s what seedlings and saplings look like (zoomed 2x, I need to redo the art):
Most of the effort for this week went into making sure that the game saves your data correctly. If you change maps and change back, sleep, etc. the trees remain in whatever state they are.
One game design change I really like compared to Stardew Valley, is that each strike of the axe generates a piece of wood. You don’t need to chop the entire tree down (a big energy investment), you can even chop it a couple of times, collect the wood, come back tomorrow, and finish it off.
The plan for next week: fix some bugs, update some art, and on to rock mining.
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Night Blade
Night Blade @deengames

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