Dear Mayor Madden

We are here to hold you to doing better, to support you in doing better, in understanding that all lives can’t matter until Black lives truly matter.

We are here to hold you to doing better, to support you in doing better, in understanding that all lives can’t matter until Black lives truly matter.

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Dear Mayor Madden - Issue #10

Dear Friend, Neighbor, Comrade, & Collaborator:I'm writing to you today because two of our most cherished Black organizers in the Capital Region are struggling with their financial obligations. I know there have been a ton of anonymous asks rolling around…


📣 TODAY 5 pm: Justice for Edson Rally / 🗳 Elect Black Women to City Council!

Hello everyone,I hope this finds you well. I am hoping you can join us in front of Troy City Hall on Thursday August 19th at 5PM.The Troy City Council Finance Committee will be voting on Ordinance 75 authorizing a financial settlement in the case of Cinthia T…


🗳 Protest the BOE today 1pm / Block Party / Elect Marketa Edwards

If you cannot join us in person, call the Board of elections at 518-270-2990 and tell them to STOP suppressing the vote in Troy Use all media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email, etc. Call the media like Ken Crowe, TU, The Record. TELL THEM TO ADD ACCESSIBLE…


📣 Tell the NY State Leg to end Qualified Immunity

On Monday, State Assembly member Pamela Hunter and State Senator Jackson held a press conference on legislation they're cosponsoring to end Qualified Immunity (see EP's coverage from the Hudson Mohawk Magazine). Gertha Depas, mother of Edson Thevenin, deliver…


💬 Ask City Council: what's the deal with the police comms ordinance?

Today is the Troy City Council’s monthly Finance Meeting. Last week, the agendas for both the regular finance meeting and a special meeting were posted. They contained over four hundred pages of text. We would understand if you missed Ordinance 38. We almost …


💌 Two minute action: email City Council by 3pm

At the April 22nd Finance Meeting Troy City Council voted 5-2 to allocate more budget to cover hiring 6 new cops. I saw this tweet about it and thought "this cannot be true!"


🎤 Town Hall Tomorrow at 7pm: Community Investment Not Community Police

Town Hall: Community Investment, Not Community PoliceMay 2, 2021, 7:00–8:30 pmJoin a coalition of groups from Troy in a Town Hall on Sunday, May 2, 2021 as we discuss recent actions by the City of Troy around policing. This gathering is being convened at the …


📣 Tell your rep: do not hire more Troy PD officers!

Hi All,Thank you to everyone who showed up to honor the life of Edson Thevenin this past weekend on the 5th anniversary of his killing by the Troy PD. Now, in the wake of the historic Chauvin verdict, and the horrific news out of Columbus, we need to act here…


🌺 Flowers 4 Black Life in Troy and Nationally

Troy 4 Black Lives Facebook eventSaturday, April 17th is the 5 year anniversary of the lynching of Edson Thevenin at this very location and we will infinitely lift his name as we as a nation continue to mourn George Floyd in this sham of a “justice system” wi…


⚫️ Stand with Black Leaders on Troy's PRRC

Mayor Madden, you were asked how the Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative group feels about the final report. The reason why you didn’t hear from the Black contingent of your group is because the “reform & reinvention” process and final report ha…