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📣 Tell your rep: do not hire more Troy PD officers!

Dear Mayor Madden
Dear Mayor Madden
Hi All,
Thank you to everyone who showed up to honor the life of Edson Thevenin this past weekend on the 5th anniversary of his killing by the Troy PD. Now, in the wake of the historic Chauvin verdict, and the horrific news out of Columbus, we need to act here in Troy. Please contact the City administration ASAP to demand that they DO NOT hire 6 new police officers as they have put on the agenda for Thursday’s finance meeting.
On Saturday, it was humbling to gather with hundreds of you below the Hoosick Street bridge with an altar of flowers and incense as an offering to the too many Black people near and far whose lives have ended too soon from police violence and oppressive systems. It was a day full of joy in celebrating Black life, but Carmella’s post below was a shocking call back to action.
That’s right. The City of Troy is voting this Thursday to hire six new police officers.
Where is this money coming from? How is it that the City can find dollars to add six new police officers but not for a community center in North Central? Why is the City investing in more policing, instead of investing those funds in measures to reduce inequity, from youth activities to safe and affordable housing to mental health services? We know that’s what works!
And why wasn’t this discussed during these last months’ Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative meetings?
They don’t want to hear from us, but they will.
Take a moment ASAP to call your City Councilperson (plus Carmella who represents everyone) and let them know how you feel. You can see who your rep is on this map.
And here are their phone numbers:
  • Carmella Mantello, President (518) 281-6582
  • District 1: Jim Gulli (518) 857-9546
  • District 2: Kim Ashe McPherson (518) 279-7134
  • District 3: Sue Steele (518) 279-6122
  • District 4: Anasha Cummings (518) 406-8636
  • District 5: Ken Zalewski (518) 272-4553
  • District 6: Eileen McDermott (518) 331-3916
You can also email the whole group:,,,,,,
And feel free to add in Mayor Madden and the Police Chief!,
In shared anger and dismay.
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Dear Mayor Madden
Dear Mayor Madden

We are here to hold you to doing better, to support you in doing better, in understanding that all lives can’t matter until Black lives truly matter.

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