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Welcome to Geekdom: The Newsletter - Issue #92

I totally failed to actually link to my Patreon last week, so here's the actual link to that.

Welcome to Geekdom: The Newsletter

May 31 · Issue #92 · View online
Things you should read, look at, or listen to.

I totally failed to actually link to my Patreon last week, so here’s the actual link to that.

Summer Movie Extravaganza
Before services like MoviePass and AMC A-List made their way into my life, I only went to the movies maybe once every few month. Now I find myself going at least 3 times a month. With AMC A-List, I can see up to 3 movies a week, but I haven’t managed to do that just yet.
With the onslaught of summer movies, I imagine I’ll be heading to the theater even more. Some of the current movies that I’d like to see are Long Shot, Brightburn, Ma, Godzilla, and Rocketman. Those movies are just a few of the many to come this summer and I highly recommend getting out and supporting the ones you’re interested in.
One of the downsides to the large amount of summer blockbusters is that smaller movies like Booksmart might not get as much attention as one would hope. While movies like that don’t have as big of a marketing budget as Aladdin, it still needs to get the word out in order to have a change. I loved the movie, but as I’m writing this, the box office total is slightly above $10 million. Box Office Mojo unfortunately doesn’t have the budget listed, but I’d imagine it hasn’t made much above its budget if it even broke even yet.
Booksmart doesn’t have any major stars in it who would command a ton of money. It was the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde, who is pretty famous in her own right. Even if this movie doesn’t succeed by Hollywood standards, I hope she continues to get to make movies.
The summer is a crucial time for movie theaters. Kids are out of school, college students are usually home for the summer and want to reconnect with friends, and everyone wants to escape the heat. The movies provide us with a way to relax while still going out.
I haven’t paid much attention to what movies will drop on streaming services, but I have no doubt that Netflix will try to capitalize on the summer movie fever, too. I have The Perfection sitting in my list to watch and it honestly is so much easier to just turn on your TV and hit play on a new movie. However, I’ve come to appreciate the movie-going experience a bit more lately and I prioritize seeing what’s in theaters since I know the Netflix Originals aren’t going anywhere.
If you have any recommendations on what movies I should see this summer, let me know. Some of the others on my list are: Dark Phoenix, Shaft, Men In Black International, Toy Story 4, Child’s Play, and Spider-Man: Far From Home. I haven’t look at much beyond Spider-Man, but I’m sure there are 4-5 others I’d be interested in at least. What are you going to be heading to the theater to see? Hit reply and let me know!
Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash
Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash
Currently Reading
The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three
The Stephen King reading continues with the second Dark Tower book. I’ll be discussing this one on Chat Sematary with Becky Kovach.
Got to Give the People What They Want
I bought this Jalen Rose book on Kindle back when it released and I finally decided to get back to having one physical and one Kindle book going at the same time. I’m not too deep into it yet, but it’s enjoyable. I’m a sucker for basketball books by former players.
Odds and Ends
Writing - In the last couple years or so, I’ve done a lot of writing for various Fansided websites. I’m taking a step back from recapping shows in order to focus more on building up some columns (or resurrecting ones I’ve neglected). While I do still plan to contribute to the Fansided sites, it’ll be a smaller quantity of articles and I’ll be trying to write ore for
Podcasting - The podcast grind continues. I’m going to be trying to get some new voices on Welcome to Geekdom and see if I can organically grow the podcast’s audience. If you know any other podcasters or writers who might be interested or just have any guest suggestions in general, let me know.
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