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Welcome to Geekdom: The Newsletter - Issue #81

Happy Friday! I'm off to see Captain Marvel this morning, so I'm sure I'll have some thoughts on that

Welcome to Geekdom: The Newsletter

March 8 · Issue #81 · View online
Things you should read, look at, or listen to.

Happy Friday! I’m off to see Captain Marvel this morning, so I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts on that for the next issue.

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Usually when I miss out on a show, it’s because I forgot when it was premiering and just never get around to catching up. It happened recently with Deadly Class, which I will likely check out once the whole first season is done and I can quickly catch up. The same happened with the first season of Riverdale, too. However, when it comes to Game of Thrones, it has never been a show that I’ve felt I missed out on.
Shows like Deadly Class and Riverdale are right up my alley, so I was more naturally drawn to them. With Game of Thrones, I had never read the books and it just never appealed to me. Every now and then, I feel like I’m the only one of my peers who doesn’t watch the show. Then, I realize that I watch approximately 800 other shows and realize that I don’t have to watch everything just because a lot of people like it.
I’m glad that so many people watch the show. The podcast, Binge Mode, has something great going with Game of Thrones, even if I’m more interested in their episodes that have nothing to do with the show. It’s great to see fans enjoying something so much, because that’s how I’ve felt about certain shows that might not be for everyone (Legion comes to mind).
At least I can say that seeing spoilers for Game of Thrones isn’t a big deal for me at all. I don’t have to avoid the internet when the show airs like many other fans who might not be able to watch it right away. The short of it is, not being a Game of Thrones fan means that those days are just like any other day for me and I don’t have to stress out about it like the show’s fans seem to. For those of you who do watch, though, enjoy the show’s final season.
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