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Welcome to Geekdom: The Newsletter - Issue #76


Welcome to Geekdom: The Newsletter

February 1 · Issue #76 · View online
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Why are movie stars heading to television?
This question is something that I’ve been thinking about since I watched Homecoming with Julia Roberts. She’s not the only one who has made that leap to television recently either. Chris Pine has teamed up with Patty Jenkins again on I Am The Night. Kate Beckinsale is set to star in The Widow on Amazon, as well.
One of the main reasons I think movie stars are heading to the small screen is because of the opportunity to tell stories in a different way. With the increase in original shows on streaming services, you get a change to tell a story over many hours instead of being limited on time like you are with a movie.
Homecoming took the drama genre and instead of using hour long episodes, most were in the 30-minute range, give or take. Plus, adapting a podcast is still relatively new, even if it’s starting to happen more often. I Am The Night takes a look at the Black Dahlia case, which remains unsolved (and is a show that’s right up my alley).
I’m all for movie stars taking on some roles in television because it gives us the chance to see them work their magic at a different pace. I’m enjoying it and it’ll be interesting to see which other stars hit the small screen this year.
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