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The week in Italian startups - Issue #21

The week in Italian startups - Issue #21
By Niccolò Sanarico • Issue #21 • View online
Editorial note: the newsletter will be off for a couple of weeks. Back at the end of August!
Hi all,
Summer is finally here and the market is still hot, across all sectors: the biggest round announced this week was raised by a med-tech company, but also ICT and deep-tech startups mark their presence. In other news: there’s a “beauty” contest ongoing to find the European Capital of Innovation 2020 (?!), and Italian-made AI is crossing our borders.
Enjoy the reading.

The Money
This week in 🇮🇹 AI
European capital of innovation
  • I was not aware of it, but the European Commission runs a contest to elect the European Capital of Innovation. The EC has been running it since 2014 - past winners include Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris, Athens, and Nantes. (Yes, one is missing: no contest in 2015, apparently).
  • They are currently down to the 12 finalists for 2020. Milan is the only Italian city on the list.
  • If you are asking yourself “why?!” (as I did): the winning city gets the glory and a €1M contribution, while the five runner-ups get €100K each. A jury of experts will decide the final ranking.
  • Interesting way to distribute EU resources to public administrations 🤔 could it be scaled beyond a city contest? “Show me your results and we’ll give you resources?”.
  • Probably not.
Wine Windows
  • The NYPost reports that an old Italian tradition (?) dating back to the plague in the XVII century has returned: wine windows. If you are wondering why I’m bringing this one up, I have been following the heating up of the competition among Italian wine startups, and I hope that they read this and put wine windows 2.0 on their strategic roadmap.🍷😄
Summer readings
  • I have recently discovered Michael Dempsey, a partner at Compound, and his blog - he is an excellent essay writer and I suggest taking a look at On Inflection Points.
Ending notes
I’m taking a couple of weeks off, the newsletter (and myself) will be back at the end of the month. Thank you to the readers who took the time to send articles and notes. Please continue doing so 🙏🏻..
Take care,
Supported by VC Hub Italia
Supported by VC Hub Italia
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