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The week in Italian startups - Issue #12

The week in Italian startups - Issue #12
By Niccolò Sanarico • Issue #12 • View online
This week was a quiet one, in terms of funding activity. I am not completely surprised, since we had a higher-than-usual number of announcements in the last month. Crowdfunding will be a source of news for the upcoming future, as a few (successful) campaigns are coming to a close. As I shared last week, equity crowdfunding platforms are currently an important seed stage surrogate. I’ll dive more into this in future issues of this newsletter.
More this week: M&A activity not letting us down, everybody (still) worries about COVID-19, and some interesting research to keep you busy in a rainy day.
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The Money
This week in startup M&A
Everybody is worried about COVID-19
I know this is not strictly related to Italy, but I’ve been posting links to articles about the effect of the pandemic on LPs, VCs and startups for a while now. Nations are re-opening but the topic is still heavily debated:
  • this week we had Christoph Janz from Point Nine Capital in a video on fundraising during a pandemic and in writing on whether VCs are still investing (spoiler: based on Crunchbase data, he notes a sharp recovery of deals reported in May vs April). I’ve been discussing this with a friend lately, and he points out the right question yet to be answered: did the negotiations for these deals start before or after the pandemic? It would be interesting to slice the dataset by date of first meeting / termsheet. Anyone working on this?
  • Apparently, Europe has JEDIs fighting for innovation (and against COVID19? Hold the Force, they are not using lightsabers but a more mundane open call for innovators).
  • Finally, sometimes the “VCs are not investing” narrative goes the other way around, as in startups delaying fundraising and waiting for better times, and better termsheets.
This week in startup research
I received extremely useful feedback and requests in the last couple of weeks, big thanks to everybody who took the effort and reached out!
Some of you asked about coverage of startup-related events in Italy (e.g. accelerator deadlines, call for ideas, demo days). Let me take the opportunity to point you at Startup Digest Italy, curated by Emil Abirascid. The weekly email should cover all your cravings for deadlines and events.
Have a great week,
P.S. feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you think might find it useful, and don’t hold back from hitting “reply” with comments or feedback!
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Niccolò Sanarico

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