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StorySherpa: VC Is No Longer VC

Hey folks!
StorySherpa: VC Is No Longer VC
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #43 • View online
Hey folks!

Andreessen Horowitz isn’t alone in leaving behind VC as we know it — and more company is coming – TechCrunch
Teddy Schleifer
Here is some news:

Andreessen Horowitz isn't the only top firm with plans to become a Registered Investment Adviser, we've learned.

General Catalyst (@gcvp) last week also filed documents with the SEC to remove the exemption it received as a venture capital firm & become a RIA. deleted ‘tens of thousands’ of providers after report found lax vetting procedures
The United Kingdom Has Gone Mad
Europe’s New Copyright Law Will Spook Startups
Google’s constant product shutdowns are damaging its brand
Carta started with a simple product of electronic certificates and no VC realized it was a trojan horse to control the entire capitalization table and adjacent services.
the Series A round for Carta aka eShares

"We were 0 for 21 w/ Silicon Valley VCs. I never got close. Most of the big firms wouldn’t even meet....After 21 meetings in SV, I took a Hail Mary trip to the east coast and met w/ 3 funds. All 3 invested."
Preston Byrne
Everyone's freaking out that the SEC released guidance on token sales / Howey today.

There's really nothing new here. Any lawyer looking realistically at token sales will have given advice along these lines for years.
Plant-based meet is going more and more mainstream.
Danny Trinh
It's worth giving credit where it's due: Impossible Foods' efforts on partnerships & bizdev deserves its own case study.

If the Burger King rollout succeeds, only McDonalds could be a bigger white whale for them to mount.
See the entire thread to learn more.
nic carter
Short thread on ICOs and value accrual. We have about 7–8 years of history on ICOs, utility tokens, and new value transfer protocols. So let's see what history tells us by looking at the first ever ICO
Kyle Russell 🚀
Journalists: "I'm so sick of 'Netflix for podcasts!' and 'Uber for kids!' Let's see some real innovation!"

Also journalists: "Here's why you should be excited for our new business, a 'newspaper for the Internet.'"
Founders often confuse network effects with scale effects. The network effect means that the value of your product increases with every new user. True for social networks and marketplaces. Not exactly true for B2B software — of course, it’s great that a lot of other companies use it and people understand how it works, but the value the product delivers is the same.
Li Jin
We often have founders telling us that their business has network effects, but few have quantitative ways to demonstrate that. Here's a few metrics I often use when assessing startups' network effects:
- cohort curves: is activity increasing as the network grows?
- match rate
Apple can do a lot of things with their new Apple Card. There’s an issue of incentives — right now they have resources to cut down the payment providers like VISA from the entire picture and enjoy those fees themselves but they still need their participation for general Apple Pay users.
Online payments will follow password storage and contacts to become a core mobile OS feature, rather than remain with third parties.

Sensors, biometrics, and browser integration all reduce fraud, increase convenience, and enable new features.

Software eats consumer banking.
Justin Kan on the importance of proactive development of company’s culture.
Justin Kan
Most founders never ask themselves the question “what kind of company do I want to work at?” because they are just worried about surviving to the next milestone.

Instead, the culture forms accidentally from the positive and negative behaviors on the scramble to success.
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