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StorySherpa: Uberemployee

StorySherpa: Uberemployee
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #66 • View online

Uber Fined $649 Million for Saying Drivers Aren’t Employees
Downtown Josh Brown
This is the single most important development for investors over the past week. If it holds up or spreads, a lot of our assumptions about the new economy are in for a drastic rethinking.
Charlie Zvibleman
Beginnings of regulatory capture? Drivers won't be able to switch btwn apps. Drivers will choose Uber bc highest liquidity. Small players quickly out of bus. Consumer px rise. Yes, elasticity but does UBER become monopoly in many mkts as Juno's of the globe can't guarantee wage?
Government officials around the globe targeted for hacking through WhatsApp
China’s Internet Is Flowering. And It Might Be Our Future
Internet disrupted in Iran amid fuel protests in multiple cities
Facts Museum
Instagram explained that they’re removing the likes for the sake of users but it also means nobody except for Instagram itself will have data on the individual accounts’ performance.
That’s a great position to be in if they, let’s say, want to build their own advertising platform and influencer marketing marketplace. Instagram is the primary source of income for a number of people but the company itself doesn’t directly benefit from their success and might be tired of that.
Blake Robbins
What if Instagram is removing 'likes' as a first step to create their own influencer marketing platform?

Instagram/FB will now own the most valuable data (engagement/likes) and I imagine they will want to sell that to advertisers.
Another proof that smaller venture capital funds have a better opportunity at getting outsized returns.
Tomio Geron
Mucker is set to make $280M on $3M investment from a $20M fund - one of the LA firms reaping big returns in Honey/PayPal deal. story by ⁦@Katie_Roof⁩ ⁦@ychernova
Matthew Ball

Film Box Office
2018: $41B (+5%)
2015: $39B

Video Gaming
2018: $138B (+50%)
2015: $92B

This has not yet sunk in.
Every tech startup that got enormous eventually becomes an incubator for the next generation of founders.
Andrew Chen
State of ex-Uber startup ecosystem:

- over a dozen folks working in VC (85%+ women, btw)
- dozens of new startups w a global footprint. Food delivery in Pakistan, scooters in Singapore, logistics in UK, etc etc
- a16z has backed 4 so far - Virtual Kitchen Co is the latest
Accel bought a minority share of 1Password, the most popular password management app for $200M. According to the 1password founder that deal basically took 6 years since they started talking about it – the company is bootstrapped and profitable, so they weren’t pressured to raise anything and likely had to do that because their competitor Dashlane raised $110M to go after enterprises.
Blake Robbins
Accel has mastered the strategy of leading the first large institutional rounds of profitable companies:

Qualtrics ($180M)
Lynda ($103M)
Galileo Financial Technologies ($77M)
Atlassian ($60M)
Squarespace ($38M)
There’s a chart that didn’t import here иге
Paul Graham
The "tech backlash" is a curious phenomenon. It consists almost entirely of news stories about the "tech backlash."
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