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StorySherpa: The Zodiac of The Big Tech

Facebook announces Libra, Slack is public, Shopify is after Amazon.
StorySherpa: The Zodiac of The Big Tech
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #53 • View online
Facebook announces Libra, Slack is public, Shopify is after Amazon.

Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency: All you need to know – TechCrunch
Why USV is Joining the Libra Association
Erik Voorhees, the founder of ShapeShift exchange, discusses the details of the announcement here.
Erik Voorhees
1/ Thoughts on Libra (and my first tweetstorm!): first, zoom out for a second and realize how far this industry has come. The biggest companies in the world are now launching cryptocurrencies. BOOM.
12:19 PM - 18 Jun 2019
Shopify going head-to-head with Amazon, spending $1 billion on fulfilment network
Shopify boasts a few key attributes and plans to spend $1 billion to facilitate:

— one day fulfillment with 2-day shipping
— warehouses under Shopify control
— custom packaging
— supports 10-10,000 packages per day
— by the end of 2019, 99% of US in two days.
8:43 AM - 19 Jun 2019
Zack Kanter
Wow. This has been the obvious move for a long time, but the technical and logistical challenges of executing this at scale are enormous. An absolute game-changer. Easily the biggest non-Amazon physical product-related announcement in the past 5 years.
10:05 AM - 19 Jun 2019
A chimpanzee & other stories - Lightspeed Venture Partners
Reading between the lines: What Slack didn’t disclose in its IPO filing – Go Practice
Elad Blog: Markets Are 10X Bigger Than Ever
Benedict Evans
SIlicon Valley is a system for running experiments. Not all experiments work, but the ones that do pay for the rest.
1:41 AM - 21 Jun 2019
Jeff Morris Jr.
If you want to learn about the future, follow Apple R&D 

* AirPods w/ biometric sensors
* Apple Watch w/ UV monitoring
* Gesture recognition for AR/VR
* ML to enable autonomous driving

APPL R&D spend is at $13B in 2019 (up from $1B in 2009).

A new world is coming soon.
6:49 AM - 10 Jun 2019
Tristan Homsi
@rishmishra "Lord of venture returns, please give me the speed of Superhuman, the beauty of Notion, the virtue of Lambda School, and the wisdom to invest in all of them before Series A."

~twitter VCs, basically
6:37 PM - 20 Jun 2019
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Yury Molodtsov

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