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StorySherpa: The European Hammer

StorySherpa: The European Hammer
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #41 • View online

Why big tech should fear Europe
Scroll, Tap, Buy: The New Instagram Checkout Allows You to Make Purchases Directly From Your Feed
Kevin Gibbon
Although I do think it will be more like Google AdWords. Organic search results (who you follow) and paid search results (advertisers). Instagram will make revenue from payments on organic and paid as well as ad spend from advertisers
What If Google and the Government Merged?
How to launch a beauty brand for $1.5 million
The clear demonstration of the power law. These valuations are fueled by the investors’ demand and will be irrelevant if you win.
Our top YC investments were Coinbase and Instacart and they are worth more than $10B combined

Both seed investments were well north of $10M post.

Venture returns are power law. If you wonder at all if something is worth $X, you don’t have conviction and you should not invest.
Some people think that the software error is the cause of Boing 737MAX failure. It’s not, no more than it is an electricity error. That particular piece of software is the result of engineering decision influenced by the financial decision and lack of regulatory oversight. Here’s a great thread about it.
Trevor Sumner
Some people are calling the 737MAX tragedies a #software failure. Here's my response: It's not a software problem. It was an

* Economic problem that the 737 engines used too much fuel, so they decided to install more efficient engines with bigger fans and make the 737MAX.
Austen has found education and built Lambda School. What else do we have left?
Austen Allred
One way to find an idea that will be a massive startup:

Find something used by millions of people that everyone hates using.

Usually you’ll find a monopoly, rent seeking somehow, often regulatory capture.

Find away to end-around that market.
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