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StorySherpa: Surveillance and Access to Data

Stripe leaves SF, private companies build surveillance world.
StorySherpa: Surveillance and Access to Data
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #64 • View online
Stripe leaves SF, private companies build surveillance world.

Stripe leaves SF as city loses another headquarters
The Access Act
Bark brings in $9M to help parents track their kids’ online activity
Just in case you thought tools like Bark would be content just monitoring the kids! (Of course not.) There's always another justification for why we should monitor just that extra slice of what everyone says or does.
Mass cellphone surveillance experiment in Spain
Remember QR Codes? They're More Powerful Than You Think
Slack looks to richer apps to help it fend off Microsoft Teams
Why I doubted Facebook could build a billion dollar business, and what I learned from being horribly wrong
Inside TurboTax’s 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free
Twitter earned some publicity by promising to ban political ads that makes up almost nothing of their revenue.
Jeff Jarvis
When I tweeted that I think it's a mistake to ban political advertising, some folks at Twitter asked why. I explained. Apparently, I was not terribly persuasive. 😕 1/
Antonio García Martínez
@sarthakgh He's a canny opportunist.

TWTR doesn't have the scale, competence, or ambition to handle the daunting enterprise of policing political ads, particularly when they represent minimal revenue.

So he's giving up, while milking the move for PR points with dumb, clapping journos.
Alex Rampell
A more cynical read: if you’re a celebrity, you get free reach, no matter how crazy your positions. If the platforms ban political advertising but accept “earned” impressions, prepare for more celebrity politicians.
Show this graph to anyone who thinks Facebook killed media.
Ben Thompson
FACT: Journalism's business model was screwed before Facebook earned a single dime
Although people talk a lot about the effects of social media there hasn’t been enough proper research papers on the topic. And when they come out the results might be staggering.
Adam Grant
On average, social media use has no more impact on teenagers' well-being than eating potatoes.

Sleep and breakfast matter more. Smoking pot and being bullied matter 2.7x and 4.3x more.

Using it actively and feeling in control predicts higher well-being.
Bashing on WeWork and forgetting about the investment bankers who wanted to unload their stock to the public market and some of the largest institutional investors isn’t that helpful.
Charlie Bilello
WeWork's net losses (millions)...
Q2 '19: -$510
Q1 '19: -$180
Q4 '18: -$590
Q3 '18: -$393
Q2 '18: -$397
Q1 '18: -$231
Q4 '17: -$578
Q3 '17: -$160
Q2 '17: -$25
Q1 '17: -$121
Q4 '16: -$132
Q3 '16: -$107
Q2 '16: -$102
Q1 '16: -$89

Underwriters: we can sell that for $60-$100 billion
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