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StorySherpa: Shattered Vaporware

Happy Thanksgiving!
StorySherpa: Shattered Vaporware
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #67 • View online
Happy Thanksgiving!

How Juul Hooked a Generation on Nicotine
Omni storage & rentals fails, shutters, sells engineers to Coinbase
Reimagining Messaging
Banking on the Future: Why our most hated institutions will become our most beloved
Ben Thompson explains the difference between platforms and aggregators.
Uber performed a very low-key launch of a new marketplace – a shift work marketplace. How many “Uber for X” where X is a specific vertical have you seen?
Andreas Klinger ✌️
Am i the only one who completely missed that @Uber launched a shift work marketplace last month? 🙀

Turns out the true "Uber for X" was in Uber all along…
Tesla has some extremely loyal fans but also is very “affectionate” to its “enemies”.
Ali Winston
This is stunning stuff. TESLA tried to have a whistleblower SWATTED, arrested & placed on a mental health hold in retaliation for him going to journalists with safety violations. Bravo to this police officer for documenting the entire interaction in writing
Bill is talking about recently funded, a travel app for millennials to help them travel more without getting into further debt. It helps travelers rent out their room or apartment when they are away to help fund their trip.
Bill Gurley
Using VC $$$s to fund negative cash conversion cycles is a popular trend. 3 warnings. 1 - you are assuming risk. 2- this is the opposite of leverage (scaling consumes cash). 3- businesses with low cash flow to earnings ratios have shitty public multiples.
“Sure, I’m excited about your SQL-based open-source product, here’s the check”.
Benedict Evans
Crude-but-useful comparison: machine learning is the new SQL and crypto is the new open source. </>
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