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StorySherpa: One of the Great Platforms of All Time

Microsoft missed Android. Just liked I missed the last week's issue.
StorySherpa: One of the Great Platforms of All Time
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #54 • View online
Microsoft missed Android.
Just liked I missed the last week’s issue.

Bill Gates on making “one of the greatest mistakes of all time”
New Instagram chief reveals plans for online retailing
How to make money with RS Metrics and Orbital Insight space data
Industry Towns - Where You Start A Company Matters
Even we get pitches for similar companies that try to provide some sort of financial services to people with no credit or deposit.
Nikhil Krishnan
My understanding is that every economic cycle goes something like this...
1) A recession happens
2) All the things that caused the recession are now locked down
3) Sub-prime people don't have access to thing, someone identifies this as an underserved market

Pivots work. Sometimes.
Its crazy that the seed, Series A (Accel) and Series B (A16Z) investors in Slack invested in a completely different company Tiny Speck that then pivoted to Slack.

A successful pivot after a series B is unheard of.

There are no hard rules in entrepreneurship/investing.
Templars practically invented the modern banking. Without instant connectivity at the time they couldn’t rely on a single source of truth, so instead they relied on cryptography. Sounds familiar?
Jay Graber
Apparently the Knights Templar were pioneers in financial cryptography. Pilgrims traveling between Europe and Jerusalem left their wealth with the Templars and carried an encrypted letter of credit to redeem at their destination.
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