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StorySherpa: Inflated Expectations

Strong and weak technologies, crypto and podcasts.
StorySherpa: Inflated Expectations
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #50 • View online
Strong and weak technologies, crypto and podcasts.

Strong and Weak Technologies
How Notion Is Going After Atlassian and Why It Just Might Win
Investing in the Podcast Ecosystem in 2019
Half of US stock fund assets are now invested in index funds
Direct-to-consumer startups are emerging in almost every category and this is a great overview.
Ari Paul tells what parts of crypto make him excited.
Ari Paul ⛓️
1/ Inspired by @Noahpinion’s “positivity thread”, I’m gonna start a thread with some of things I’m most excited about in crypto (from a fundamental, not investment perspective.) I’ll disclose when I’m an investor anyway. But really, not investment advice.
The dumb idea paradox is what happens when an idea sounds dumb, and yet you have a group of people highly engaged in doing it.
Ideas seem pretty random because in the past few years, some of the biggest wins were: An app that lets you get into strangers’ cars. An app that lets you stay at random peoples’ houses. Disappearing photos. A site that doesn’t let you play video games, but you can watch other people play. Seriously?
And if you go back a few years earlier, I remember having entire convos about why anyone in the world would want a profile or a website on the internet. Or why phones should be used for calling, and adding email was dumb. It sounds silly, but that was the perspective then.
Andrew Chen
The Dumb Idea Paradox. Why great ideas often start out by sounding dumb. Thread 👇
The idea behind WeWork lies on the idea that tech can help generate a significant arbitrage between their long-term leases and short-term rental offices.
Sandy Kory
WeWork is most misunderstood unicorn in SV.

It has huge moat but it’s from scale/brand not tech.

The key is its growing power over suppliers.

CRE is huge, fragmented, low NPS, tech phobic, and over-indexes on management by birthright. WW moat will only grow deeper.
Is influencer marketing finished?
Jack Appleby
An influencer w/ 2.6 million followers launched her fashion brand. She now says she failed to sell more than 36 units.

A quick thread:
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