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StorySherpa: Going Public, Going Private 2.0

Hey there! Couldn't find another title for this issue as we the main topics are exactly the same, so
StorySherpa: Going Public, Going Private 2.0
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #48 • View online
Hey there!
Couldn’t find another title for this issue as we the main topics are exactly the same, so meet a slight upgrade!

How the Promise of a $120 Billion Uber I.P.O. Evaporated
Investors Beware: Today’s $100M+ Late-stage Private Rounds Are Very Different from an IPO
The Long-Term Stock Exchange gets SEC approval for Silicon Valley-friendly platform
Why WhatsApp Will Never Be Secure
San Francisco is first US city to ban facial recognition
Benedict Evans
The SF face recognition ban gets to some interesting issues. Some of the concern is that it might get things wrong. But people are also uncomfortable even if it’s accurate. There’s a class of things that were possible but couldn’t be automated, and now can be.
Meditation apps want to calm you down on the same device that stresses you out
Snapchat has become a content creation tool for Instagram and Twitter
Uber’s cap table is one of the best examples of power law in venture capital investments.
Harry Stebbings
Funny to me that VCs have a habit of talking about other VCs portfolio & they often discredit them and say ah but if you take out (name the $$Bn company) they would not have a great fund:

Never better proof, this is a game of upside maximisation, a glimmer of greatness. 👍
Although some D2C brands like Casper have been extremely successful with fighting incumbents, others found no better way to get liquid than to be acquired by one of them. Harry’s, a D2C razors brand similar to Dollar Shave Club, is the latest example.
Sar Haribhakti
It’s common for venture backed brands to sell to the very incumbents they were trying to disrupt (Bonobos, Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, Bevel). It disproves their hypothesis in a way.

Why do we not see them merging instead? In an ideal world, Harry’s & DSC would have merged.
A pretty curious thread and something to keep in mind when talking to the founders.
Elizabeth Yin
Ask Twitter: what are the most annoying / common things VCs say or ask? (Bonus pts if you know what they mean) I may compile into a blog post and will credit you too.? Cc @ameetshah
Couldn’t express it better in such a short tweet.
Alex 🌚
Effective written communication 💬

* Segment thoughts in short paragraphs to scan content
* Use a numbered list for easier referencing
* Proofread your draft, remove unnecessary words
* Avoid passive voice
* Look for potential misunderstandings
* End with actionables
* Be kind
Austen Allred
The pages of Da Vinci’s notebooks hold to-do lists which are fascinating.

They range from “Ask about the measurement of the sun promised be my Maestro Giovanni Francese” to “Draw Milan”
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