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StorySherpa: Going Private, Going Public

Hey folks! Had to miss the last week's issue but fortunately nothing that major and urgent happened i
StorySherpa: Going Private, Going Public
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #47 • View online
Hey folks!
Had to miss the last week’s issue but fortunately nothing that major and urgent happened in that time. Or did it? Let me know if I missed some important news.

Why Facebook is making a big bet on Messenger
Uber prices IPO at $45 per share, raises $8.1B
The push to break up Big Tech, explained
How ‘Cybersovereignty’ Splits the Once World Wide Web
LinkedIn is the New Craigslist
The crowd-sourced, social media swarm that is betting Tesla will crash and burn
The graph from the Slack’s S-1 filing. See how every cohort is growing in terms of revenue despite the obviously existing churn in customers.
Some great notes on Facebook, shouts to break it up and their shift to private messaging from Benedict Evans. I’d suggest you check the entire tweet storms.
Benedict Evans
All social networks capture and create human behavior. Some of that behavior is bad, sometimes in unforeseen ways. It’s not clear that changing who owns those network, for example having FB ‘blue’ and WhatsApp in different companies, would change this.
Benedict Evans
You can try to fix malware with virus scanning or fix abuse with moderation. But the FB privacy mantra is more interesting to look as as an attempt at fundamentally changing what the thing is, so that, again, the vectors of abuse become irrelevant. 4/4
Something to keep in mind as we also build our online presence.
Sar Haribhakti
My experience so far in SV has been that outsiders associate “top tier” with those funds that are active online (ie good digital brand) & are reasonably good & insightful on twitter. That may or may not have an overlap with what it really means to be a top tier fund.
Stripe has launched an entire remote hub, showing an example to other companies.
The inevitable future of work will be large remote teams. Stripe, from what I hear, has gone to significant lengths to make a culture that can work this way. Once a few big co prove it, startups will follow suit & create a new, global talent war like we've never seen before.
Disney got $14.31 billion in revenue in Q4 2018. Just saying.
Justin Jackson
I'm reading the Walt Disney biography, and what's most striking is how long it took him to get any traction at all.

The Disney brothers start their company in 1923, and basically eat shit for 10 years.

Year after year of failed attempts, bad deals, and projects gone bad.
Microsoft is going after developers. The modern Apple we know started with them attracting developers and designers, but soon Windows might become a nice enough platform for it, while Microsoft owns GitHub and Azure. In the same time, designers switch to web tools such as Figma. Is there a place for Mac?
Marco Arment
If you’ve wondered why Microsoft made the VS Code editor, note how many lines go from “First” to “OSX” [sic] to “Visual Studio Code”.

Macs OWNED web development for a decade. But when Apple lost years alienating and neglecting pros, Microsoft had their foot on the gas.
People say “learn to code”, but communication is even more important and universally needed.
Sahil Lavingia
Learn to communicate.

If you're a designer, you communicate a lot.
If you're an engineer, you communicate.
If you're a founder, you communicate.
If you're a VC, a lawyer, a painter, a podcaster, an accountant, a comedian… you communicate.

Learn to communicate!
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Here I look at tech news I find important and the future they might lead us.

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