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StorySherpa: Do You Hear Me Well?

Hey folks, Have you already blocked time in your calendars to read all those S-1 filings from the new
StorySherpa: Do You Hear Me Well?
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #42 • View online
Hey folks,
Have you already blocked time in your calendars to read all those S-1 filings from the new wave of IPO companies?

Zoom, a profitable unicorn, files to go public
Fareed Mosavat
I have a thesis about Zoom / bottoms-up adoption in the enterprise.

Over time, incumbents move up-market, charge more, fail to improve end-user UX and abandon their self-serve products. This leaves the door open for an equivalent product with modern UX to win SMBs...
Unicorns aren’t profitable, and Wall Street doesn’t care
Article 13: A guide to the new EU copyright rules and the ban on memes
Paul Graham
Prediction: Article 13 will damage the EU more than it damages the internet. The EU believes it can push the future in the direction it wants. But the future has more mass than the EU. So what will happen instead is that the EU will push itself away from the future.
No sleep, no sex, no life: tech workers in China’s Silicon Valley face burnout before they reach 30
Financial Times Silicon Valley would be wise to follow China’s lead
One of the thing that baffles me is the fact Google still hasn’t acquired any company to improve Google Docs and its adjacent offerings. If I were them I’d rush for Coda, Notion or Typeform at least.
Austin Smith
The first generation of competitors to GSuite products aimed to price-match Google (i.e. free). Turns out a huge opportunity was *paid* products that are 10x better:

Hangouts --> @zoom_us
Sheets --> @airtable
Docs --> @quip/@NotionHQ
Gmail --> @superhuman
Forms --> @typeform
Imagine if Twitter only ran its protocol while all the user-facing side could be implemented by anyone else who’d find a viable business model.
As centralized services battle for moats and control of users, the first age of open APIs is truly at its end

The next coming age will be a second coming of open APIs with true decentralization as incumbents close up and lead to their own undoing
Suhail founded Mixpanel, a web analytics platform that raised $77M.
Unpopular opinion: ruthlessly copying your competitors best features is often the fastest quick win you can give yourself.

It costs you your ego. You already have data that it's valuable. And it'll make every customer you regretted losing happy.

You can't do it for forever tho
PS: Worked for me. We had great, innovative competitors. Moving fast was 10x more important though.
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Yury Molodtsov

I'm an Investor at Day One Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in tech startups and leads their communications.

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