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StorySherpa: Demarcation of the Internet

The whole issue about a single topic.
StorySherpa: Demarcation of the Internet
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #62 • View online
The whole issue about a single topic.

China Masters Political Propaganda for the Instagram Age
Benedict Evans
TikTok is introducing Americans to a question that Europeans have struggled with for 20 years: a lot of your citizens might use an Internet platform created somewhere that doesn’t know or care about your laws or cultural attitudes and won’t turn up to a committee hearing
Facebook to be subject to tougher controls after EU court ruling
nilay patel
It’s not hard to understand that carmakers in the US market build to California emissions standards because they are the strictest - it’s the most efficient choice.

Not a leap to think global companies will hold themselves to China’s speech restrictions for the same reason.
SoftBank Founder Masayoshi Son ‘Embarrassed’ Over Investment Track Record
The Great Public Market Reckoning
Facebook, WhatsApp Will Have to Share Messages With U.K.
How War Made the Cigarette
To all the people who say Amazon is losing money and selling everything at a loss because it’s an evil monopoly.
Ryan Reeves
Amazon it is.

The company is infamous for "losing money."

But did you know that it has been operating cash flow positive since 2002?

As it turned out, the public markets loved tech companies not for the word ‘tech’ but specifically for 70%+ margins usual for software products.
Zack Kanter
Replace “WeWork” with “unprofitable venture-backed companies without 1) gross margins above 60%, 2) net zero or better churn, AND 3) revenue increasing month over month,” and you’ll have an idea of what the next few months are going to look like.
Sar Haribhakti
Aaah yes venture backed companies have lost their way and are money losing machines*

*except Tableau, Elastic, MongoDB, Data Domain, Datadog, StitchFix, Zoom, ServiceNow, Embark & many more
Acquisition stories are one of my favorite genres and this is quite a good one (Spotify bought Gimlet and Anchor for more than $200M).
Matthew Lieber
The story of a wild 12 months at Gimlet leading up to the Spotify acquisition. As told by @abexlumberg and the incomparable StartUp team. A true stress-listen
Balaji S. Srinivasan
The inflation is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.

The areas tech touches (televisions, software, phones) have experienced hyperdeflation.

The areas subsidized or regulated by the state (healthcare, education) have experienced real price increases.
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