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StorySherpa: Decentralized Ruling and Chinese Lead

Will social networks ever become decentralized?
StorySherpa: Decentralized Ruling and Chinese Lead
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #55 • View online
Will social networks ever become decentralized?

How the biggest decentralized social network is dealing with its Nazi problem
Microsoft might crush Slack like Facebook crushed Snapchat
What People Get Wrong About China and Artificial Intelligence: Eye on A.I.
Still, that doesn’t mean China can’t produce its own AI-enabled products based on the already-commodity tech and sell it to the highest bidder.
France passes tax on tech giants despite US threats
Europe's sat-nav network crippled by 'technical incident'
This Atlanta Founder's Secret Weapon in Building His $30 Million Company: Growing Up in Nigeria
David Sacks
I've never seen a company or space where the external perception is more at odds with reality. Here's my post on myths & realities in the e-scooter business -- the other electric vehicle revolution.
The Other Electric Vehicle Revolution: Myths and Realities in the E-Scooter Business
The Senate held a hearing about Facebook Libra, a fiat-backed cryptocurrency. Their biggest concern is that Libra might become a currency.
Antonio García Martínez
I don't recall voting for either the Federal Reserve Board or the Wall Street CEOs either....

Funny how the objections to Libra stem from the premise that our current fiat currency system is just the apex of democratic accountability, and that FB violates that somehow.
Well, for one thing, California doesn’t allow non-competes. Patents and copyrights are just too slow.
Benedict Evans
One of the Silicon Valley paradoxes: it’s all about people and idea, but it doesn’t rely on patents, copyright, NDAs or non-competes.
Can we also attribute that to the rumored “China’s Lead in AI”?
Andrew Chen
American kids want to be youtubers, and the Chinese kids want to be astronauts.
And maybe it’s too late for the American kids to become influencers.
Jeff Morris Jr.
Instagram will stop showing the # of "likes" that other users posts receive in Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia & New Zealand.

Users post more content when they aren't worried about the number of likes they get.

A massive change for social products. More will follow.
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