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StorySherpa: Connection Established

Hey there! I'm not going to discuss the Huawei ban here, that's very important but there's not much t
StorySherpa: Connection Established
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #49 • View online
Hey there!
I’m not going to discuss the Huawei ban here, that’s very important but there’s not much to uncover and it was reported by every media.

SpaceX launches first batch of 60 internet satellites in landmark mission
Starlink's flat-panel design allows for a dense launch stack to take full advantage of Falcon 9’s launch capabilities
Subscription fatigue hasn’t hit yet
Facebook’s ‘GlobalCoin’ cryptocurrency to launch in 2020, report claims
Question-and-answer site Quora still exists, and it’s now worth $2B
The counterintuitive tricks to asking better questions, according to Harvard research
The remote work is a clear trend at this point. When will we see the first remote decacorn?
Pieter Levels ✨
🔵 Google trend "remote jobs"
🌕 revenue

"The market you’re in will determine most of your growth." - @shl
A blockchain-skepticism thread. Personally I see some interesting financial applications where developers can quickly build purely financial products with code — something that takes users on old-fashioned financial markets and stock exchanges. But overall there isn’t too much reasonable stuff going on.
Timothy B. Lee
I was pretty bullish about bitcoin and blockchains from 2012 to 2014. I've gotten steadily more skeptical since then. At this point I'm quite pessimistic that blockchains will turn out to have economically or socially significant applications.
The hedge funds are known for buying aggregated POS transactions data, analyzing the satellite images of ships, parking lots, trucks, crops, etc. to
Benedict Evans
Talking to someone about satellites and ML today, I wondered if you could launch an adversarial attack on an automated commodities model by paying some freighters to cruise in a specific pattern. Or inject malware into a satellite by making a really big QR code in a corn field
☁️ David Ulevitch ☁️
1/ I've seen the benefit of using credit card panel data to inform decisions. @stripe is sitting on a gold mine of enterprise growth data, and if they decided to really go all in on a Stripe Ventures backed by their own transaction data it could be compelling.
Can food delivery companies become a sustainable long-term businesses that people use daily? I doubt all these fantasies of investors thinking how our future homes will not have kitchens are true in any sense.
Rani Molla
Uber Eats has an Uber problem. That is: it's customers aren't loyal, leading Uber Eats and its deep-pocketed and numerous competitors into a price war. In Q1, about half of Uber Eats customers also ordered from another food-delivery company via @voxdotcom
Rani Molla
Making matters worse, Uber Eats isn't the biggest nor is it the fastest growing food-delivery company in the US. Grubhub and DoorDash are bigger. DoorDash is also growing faster.
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