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StorySherpa: China Edition

China extends its influence over the corporations: at home and across the border.
StorySherpa: China Edition
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #61 • View online
China extends its influence over the corporations: at home and across the border.

China to send state officials to 100 private firms including Alibaba
isabella steger
United, Delta and American received letters last year from Chinese aviation officials saying their social credit score could be hit unless their websites labeled Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan as part of China.
Daniel Sinclair
Weird to see protests about American teacher salaries going viral on TikTok. Some other protests, like the one featuring more than 2 million Hongkongers fighting for freedom, don't seem to be going viral like this. Odd!
Casper Dreams of Being Bigger Than Mattresses
Financial Times Google claims to have reached quantum supremacy
isis agora lovecruft
i was leaked a cached copy of the Google/NASA paper claiming quantum supremacy. it’s latin extended only, and missing figures, tables, and ligatures—and i’ve not done physics for ten years—so it was a little hard to decipher (heh) but i have some thoughts
isis agora lovecruft
anyway, the paper actually claimed quantum supremacy—not “quantum computing” (we’ve had the latter for a while, Mr. Yang)—which is the ability to compute something more efficiently on a quantum machine than a classical one. (also none of these means “no code is uncrackable” lmao)
isis agora lovecruft
tl;dr: no crypto is broken, some people just did some tricks with misusing fancy big words in an otherwise alright but now-retracted paper, and i’m Very Mad On Line about it, also everyone should give me shells on their supercomputers
How Slack Became an $16 Billion Business by Making Work Less Boring
Emergent Tool Use from Multi-Agent Interaction
Here are some tweets I enjoyed this week.
Josh Constine
[Thread] I wrote about the 13 reasons this bike has a cult, breaking down Peloton's product genius. 1. Conspicuous Self-Actualization...
Antonio García Martínez
The wonders of European privacy law:

Journalist reports on a violent crime. The culprit sues to have the news deleted, and wins. The resulting litigation bankrupts the journalist and news site.

Eurocrats who couldn't run a WordPress site shouldn't be dictating Internet law.
Austen Allred
At the end of the day what killed Blue Apron is that it’s about as cheap to get a meal from a restaurant delivered as it was to get ingredients delivered. And you still have to cook it.

Might as well order Instacart.
Zach Weinberg No VC Sends Me Deals
WeWork (& Uber) story is crazy to watch, but IMO it's the outlier, not the norm.

And almost exclusively driven by free money coming from Softbank. Not "VC" but "Softbank".

Look at co's where Softbank isn't involved: Stripe, Datadog, Okta..that's the real VC market. Looks good.
Ari Levy
Dec. 2018 - Juul valued at $38 bln in round led by Altria

Jan. 2019 - WeWork valued at $47 bln in round led by SoftBank

(maybe Silicon Valley VCs aren't the crazy ones?)
Noah Smith 🐇
They're going to try the Uber thing - get a boring responsible corporate type CEO, get the crazy founder out of the public eye, and then see if investors are more forgiving in a year or so.

Think it'll work?
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