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StorySherpa: Break 'em Up!

StorySherpa: Break 'em Up!
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #40 • View online

Where Warren’s Wrong
Did Sam Altman make YC better or worse?
OpenAI New Corporate Structure
Status as a Service (StaaS)
Micromobility Isn’t Rideshare
Why Every Influencer Has a Discord
How Google Influences the Conversation in Washington
Li Jin, Partner leading consumer investments at Andreessen Horowitz, has posted a series of tweets on the future of marketplaces. The most important insight: they will be not about infinite supply but curated experience.
Li Jin
I believe the next era of marketplaces is going to look very different than the marketplaces we’ve seen so far.
People have different opinion on the authenticity of the latest Facebook’s pivot but personally I think they are actually going for that — but not because they care about privacy. They feel the threat from a different communication model, see the falling engagement stats and are securing their future.
Benedict Evans
But then the winner is overtaken by something completely different that makes it irrelevant. PCs overtook mainframes. HTML/LAMP overtook Win32. IOS & Android overtook Windows. Google overtook Microsoft. 2/4
One of Amazon’s early investors turned them down initially because he thought book stores were good enough.

Then he failed to find a particular book, and changed his mind.

His initial opinion was worth negative tens of millions of dollars.

Don’t hold your opinions too dearly.
To all the people that want to solve the healthcare costs with AI.
François Chollet
Fascinating graph. Since 1990, computers, databases, and the internet should have dramatically cut the personnel cost of hospital administration. It has instead increased by 20-30x.

The problem is structural, not technological, and I doubt AI will have any impact there.
The PayPal mafia has been the most influential group of tech entrepreneurs in history. Will former employees of Uber and AirBnB take over?
Erin Griffith
here's my latest: The Airbnb and Uber "mafias" are already forming and investors are jumping to back the next generation:
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