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StorySherpa: Big Tech or Big Governments

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StorySherpa: Big Tech or Big Governments
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #44 • View online
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Uber files for IPO
Austen Allred
Risks in Uber's S1:


2/3 are self-inflicted (and if it weren't for DeleteUber Lyft might be close to dead, so almost 3/3)
Governments are rushing to regulate the internet. Users could end up paying the price
James Vincent
The EU is mulling legislation that requires sites to remove terrorist content in 1 hour. Why is that so bad? Because look what the EU thinks is terrorist content *now* — hundreds of Internet Archive links covering millions of free ebooks, films, and songs
Now Amazon plans to launch a massive constellation of more than 3,000 internet satellites
Grab vs. Go-Jek: Inside Asia’s Battle of the 'Super Apps'
Scaling A Company While Controlling Costs – AVC
Can the law be copyrighted?
Paul Graham
When a "nonprofit" (with revenues of $78 million per year) sues a for-profit company and the EFF is on the side of the for-profit company, it's pretty clear what kind of nonprofit you're dealing with.
Google Founders Have Skipped All Of The Company's 2019 Town Hall Meetings
Ben Thompson had a perfect explanation of Benchmark’s actions at the moment. The amount of money at stake was so high they were OK with a potential hit on their reputation in the long-term. Nobody wants to be perceived as a VC firm pushing founders out but Uber is such a big game that nobody really cares anymore.
Tanay Jaipuria
Benchmark owns 11% of Uber which is worth ~$10B.

Just on that one exit, they will return ~26X of their 2011 $425M fund in 8 years which is an IRR of 50%. Wild.
It’s interesting that Uber is very cautious in their predictions on autonomy and this correlates closely with the experts I trust. Baby steps first.
Christopher Mims 🎆
Interesting tidbit from Uber's S-1 on autonomy:

"Along the way to a potential future autonomous vehicle world, we believe that there will be a long period of hybrid autonomy, in which autonomous vehicles will be deployed gradually against specific use cases"
Some thoughts on the tech problems we should be solving here.
Aaron 📦
Anytime someone says “that problem has been solved,” remember Slack and Zoom have created ~$20B in value in categories most wrote off as finished.
Ben Thompson
On one hand, haha.

On the other hand, nearly all of the dot com business ideas turned out to be right, just ahead of their time...
Blake Robbins
Infrastructure APIs are the future of tech.

- @plaid (banking)
- @stripe (payments)
- @marqeta (card issuing)
- @twilio (communication)
- @okta (identity)
- @dwolla (ach)
- @truepill_rx (pharmacy)
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