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StorySherpa: Battle for Meditation and What Are Taxes?

Bonjour! As you see some updates have happened to this newsletter in 2019. This year I want to get th
StorySherpa: Battle for Meditation and What Are Taxes?
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #31 • View online
As you see some updates have happened to this newsletter in 2019.
This year I want to get these emails deeper and in fact to add more analytics between the stories, while also putting specific focus on the most interesting and exciting discussions, tweet storms, books recommendations and other stuff.
I wanted to give shoutouts to 👨‍💻CJ and 🙎🏻‍♂️Ben for their help with the new name — wouldn’t be able to do that without you! StorySherpa much better reflects what these email are all about and I should have replaced the initial temporary name anyway.

Headspace vs. Calm: The Meditation Battle That’s Anything but Zen
Investors and entrepreneurs need to address the mental health crisis in startups
The New York Times
Silicon Valley is backing a novel idea: Instead of charging students tuition, students go to school for free and are required to pay back a percentage of their income after graduation, but only if they get a job with a good salary
Lambda School raises $30 million in quest to tackle student debt
Antonio García Martínez
One take on this is: duh, SV smarty pants, you discovered taxes, student loans, and public education.

Wrong for two reasons:
1. Here, the startup @LambdaSchool wears the risk of an education not panning out, while in the tax model governments do, and with loans students do.
Universities artificially limit the number of graduates, keep tuition prices high, and provide just enough financial aid to qualify as non-profits.

This enables the real business model - returns on massive endowments, compounding tax-free, and earning far more than tuition.
As with the most of the other things Silicon Valley reinvented like taxis, buses, hotels, fitness the most important difference is flexibility and increased consumer benefits for these tech-enabled. If Uber POOL is a new public transportation than it has programmatic routes, available via the apps and provides a higher quality service. That’s all.
Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way
Even Apple Couldn’t Defeat Peak Smartphone
The last thing I wanted to share today is an interesting approach to the corporate culture quantification from Andrew Chen. People talk about it all the time but it often falls down to “we want to be good” kind of of long reads. And you can’t change what you don’t measure.
Andrew Chen
👇Thread. The Head/Heart/Hands framework - or in emoji form, 👩/❤️/✋- for company cultures and personalities at work. The idea is that every work culture can be described as a pie chart of these three factors. (credit to my friends/coworkers at Uber who first described to me)
Andrew Chen
2/ 👩 Head = how much of the culture emphasizes analytical ability, strategy, planning, etc. Cultures that are strong at this do a lot of analysis, information gathering, etc to try and make the right choices, but sometimes at the cost of moving quickly or bringing everyone along
Andrew Chen
3/ ❤️ Heart = how much the culture emphasizes team cohesion + happiness. Teams that do this invest a lot on internal values, having a clear mission, making decisions that consider the team's views, not just business outcomes. Lots of obvious downsides when this goes too far, too
Andrew Chen
4/ ✋Hands = how much the culture emphasizes action, and getting things done. Cultures that do this can move quickly, are iterative, and are agile in the market. But they break things, can have a "fire first, aim later" mentality where a lot of energy is wasted
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