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StorySherpa: Amazon Retreats and Do We Still Need Copywriters?

Bonan matenon! It's clear that the interest of the governments and big tech are clashing more than ev
StorySherpa: Amazon Retreats and Do We Still Need Copywriters?
By Yury Molodtsov • Issue #36 • View online
Bonan matenon!
It’s clear that the interest of the governments and big tech are clashing more than ever — and it causes some unpleasant developments. I hope this is simply a phase and the pendulum will go in another direction soon.

Amazon cancels HQ2 in New York after backlash
Tim O'Reilly's argument against Reid Hoffman's "Blitzscaling"
Cameras that understand: portrait mode and Google Lens
RIP iMessage
Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company
There are legal development around the world that cause concern. First, Australia has recently passed a law that practically makes companies include back doors in their software and give up security keys. In the same time, EU has moving forward with its controversial Copyright Directive that’s supposed to make corporations responsible for tracking copyrights and paying the royalties. It practically means they need to either integrate a complex content ID system (something like Youtube has to monitor the copyrighter music and videos) or just shut down the services.
After a brief rebellion, the EU link tax and upload filter will move to a final vote
AA bill notices ‘already issued’
Sam Biddle
In March 2017, Ring’s CEO wrote an email “declaring war” on “dirtbag criminals.” Today they’ve created a bespoke portal for cops to request customer footage straight from the source, no court order required. We have a video showing how it works
Some great examples of paid newsletters from Ben Thompson, whose writes Stratechery (can’t recommend more as well!).
Ben Thompson
@can - @neilcybart is making a good living covering Apple @AboveAvalon
- @tcarmody has just started a paid newsletter covering Amazon @AmazonChron
- @nwquah is covering podcasts for pay at Hot Pod Media
- @web covering DTC and commerce @2PMinc
Steven Sinofsky’s (former President of Windows at Microsoft) tweetstorm on the importance of written communications in a team.
Steven Sinofsky
1/ “Writing is thinking” is my favorite saying in “how to work” in a company. It is very interesting to dive into this a bit because I often get so much pushback, especially from startups and/or those focused on agility.
Josh Constine
Here’s Zuckerberg’s 2015 email on why he wanted to buy Unity for billions to advance AR/VR and escape Apple & Google’s control of mobile
Josh Constine
If someone makes a credible threat of violence against Facebook staff, is it ok for Fb to monitor their location to assess risk? Fascinating question
Fitness companies using tech + incentive alignment + social dynamics (Barry's, Soulcycle, Peloton, etc) are obv disrupting gyms. Curious what else they will disrupt as exercise becomes gamified and sticky. Alcohol and pharmaceutical companies potentially.
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Yury Molodtsov

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