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The Greatest of All Time - F1 Soap Box

Hamilton has gone and done it, a 5 times World Champion. I don't think Vettel ever had a chance again
The Greatest of All Time - F1 Soap Box
By David Perel • Issue #7 • View online
Hamilton has gone and done it, a 5 times World Champion. I don’t think Vettel ever had a chance against a driver who makes as few mistakes as Lewis. He is at the height of his powers and I don’t see any reason for him to be slowing down.
In my controversial opinion he is better than Schumacher and Senna. Against Fangio it’s impossible to say because Fangio raced in an era completely removed from current day F1 cars, it’s not possible to say if he would have been fast in today’s cars.
However you can imagine Senna being just as fast and we know how fast Schumacher was in cars that had very similar performance to today’s F1 machines.
The reason I’d place Hamilton above Schumacher is a) his race craft and overtaking ability seems to be superior and b) I think he’s a better sportsman with no on-track antics that would tarnish his reputation.
I am a huge Schumacher fan and loved his ruthless approach, even when he went over the line, but I have to give Hamilton credit for being so clean in his execution on track.
I also believe that compared to Senna is he at least just as fast. If they raced together in the same era it would have been impossible for either of them to break pole position records because they would be beating each other at it.
When I watch an onboard lap of Hamilton I’m just blown away by his ability to rotate a car, take creative lines, and pull laps out of nowhere.
He is by no means my favourite driver but I still think he will go down as the greatest of all time.

Hamilton, Schumacher and Fangio: Five-time Champions
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