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Dave's Dives #6: The Game of the Decade, Onboarding and Oatly

Dave's Dives
Dave's Dives
Hey all! It’s been a while. While things have been pretty busy I must admit I’ve been putting off the newsletter. It’s fun to write for mostly friends and family, but it also means that I sometimes feel less accountable for delivering on a consistent basis. Hoping to change that over the coming weeks!
Speaking of busy, we sold our condo and purchased a new home! I also started a new job at Life House! I was sad to leave Stingray but the opportunity was too good to pass up. I’m loving my team and the work that needs to be done so far.
As always, send me an email with any feedback that you have, both positive and constructive. Take care, and thanks for reading!
Let’s dive in!

🐲💍 Deep Dive: The Beauty and Wonder of Elden Ring
A screenshot from one of the playable areas in Elden Ring, Liurnia of the Lakes
A screenshot from one of the playable areas in Elden Ring, Liurnia of the Lakes
A game like Elden Ring comes around once every decade or so. Made in collaboration with FromSoftware studio and Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin, the game takes place in the sprawling fictional world of the Lands Between.
Seldom do I complete a game and then immediately start a brand new playthrough of the same game. But alas, that’s what I did with Elden Ring. It’s quite simply that good.
There are several elements that I think make Elden Ring so special:
  1. The vast - and I mean vast - world that was crafted for players to explore. I’ve put in over 100 hours into the game and still have tons of unexplored catacombs, dungeons and vistas. The play can navigate to each and every visible area in the world, a fact that gamers would agree is no small feat. In the above screenshot, you can explore each and every location that you can see.
  2. The subtle yet fascinating narrative that carries the player’s actions
  3. Engaging yet incredibly difficult gameplay in classic FromSoftware fashion (yet this was the first game that I’ve played from this studio!)
I’ve thought about exploring each of these points in detail. And maybe I will on my blog! But I have too much to write about for the time being. Instead, here are a few resources that highlight the reasons that the game has been so incredibly successful.
💻 Dev Dives
The Product-Minded Software Engineer
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🥗💭 Food for Thought
🌟 Content I'm Loving
Severance | Apple TV⁠+
True Crime
💬 Quote I'm Thinking About
The world is bursting with wonder, and yet it’s the rare productivity guru who seems to have considered the possibility that the ultimate point of all our frenetic doing might be to experience more of that wonder.
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Dave's Dives
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