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Dave's Dives #3: Children at Heart

Dave's Dives
Dave's Dives
Hey all! I got back a few weeks ago from an amazing trip to Spain. Now though, like most of you, I’m scrambling to prepare for the holidays. There’s a lot to be done over the next few weeks! It’s a busy but joyful time. I especially love the period between Christmas and New Year’s: spending time with family, cottages, and lots of food!
This is likely to be the only issue before the New Year. On that note, I wish you all a happy holiday season!
Let’s dive in!

Dive: The Heart of a Child 💗🧒
I think that inside every adult is the heart of a child. We just gradually convince ourselves that we have to act more like adults. - Shigeru Miyamoto
I recently completed another playthrough of what I believe to be one of the greatest video games of all time: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The experience prompted me to re-explore one of the game’s themes that resonated most with me: childhood vs. adulthood.
Link, the protagonist, travels through time to save the world. At the end of his journey, he is sent back to his original time. But Link’s return is tragic: not only has the world forgotten about him, but he has his childhood stolen away from him.
It’s a fitting theme for me to think about with a child on the way in 2022. I’ve been thinking a lot about my own childhood and what kind of childhood I want to provide for my kids. On one hand, I’m looking forward to living through my own childhood again vicariously through my kids. On the other hand, as a parent, I’ll need to let them be themselves. I won’t force any activities onto my children that they don’t want to do.
In any case, playing through Ocarina of Time yet again was a nostalgic, memorable experience that has me looking forward to living through childhood through the eyes of my children.
OCARINA OF TIME - A Masterclass In Subtext
What I'm Working On 🔨
  • My 2021 retrospective. It will be the third year that I write an annual review. I find that it’s a great practice to look back on the events of the past year - both good and bad - to contemplate your life experiences. I’ve found the process quite gratifying. I’d recommend checking out James Clear’s annual reviews if you’re curious about writing one yourself.
  • Catching up on some holiday reading! 📚 I’m currently reading Cal Newport’s Deep Work, something my scatterbrain most certainly needs.
Content I'm Loving 🌟
Watch Arcane | Netflix Official Site
The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience
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Audio I'm Tuning Into 🎧
Dr. Matthew Walker: The Science & Practice of Perfecting Your Sleep | Episode 31 - Huberman Lab
That’s all for now, folks! Send me an email or message with any feedback that you have, both positive and constructive. Take care, thanks for reading, and have a wonderful holiday season!
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Dave's Dives
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