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Dave's Dives #2: Consumption & Creation

Dave's Dives
Dave's Dives
Hey all! Welcome to the second edition of Dave’s Dives. Thanks for sticking around.
Since my last email, I’ve continued to dive into the Web3 world. I enrolled in several buildspace cohorts, joined Developer DAO, and started a fun little token project with a friend of mine. Quite simply, I’m fascinated with where this industry is headed. I want to be an active participant in this new technological frontier.
Everything is so new. For me, that’s exciting! People are cobbling together resources and learning from each other. The Discord servers that I’ve joined are full of helpful and kind people - so far (fingers crossed). My goal is to keep learning, building, and contributing to the space as best as I can!
I’m on vacation from Nov. 12th - 28th so this is the last email you’ll receive from me until the beginning of December.
Let’s dive in!

From the Blog
Talk Notes: Defining the Web3 Stack (Nader Dabit)
Deep Dive: Consumption & Creation
I spend a lot of time thinking about an appropriate balance between consumption and creation. Consuming without creating means living passively and not contributing anything useful to the world; creating without thoughtful consumption can cause you to put the ladder up against the wrong wall, and constant creation can leave you mentally drained and burnt out.
Michael Pollan famously summed up his research on nutrition with the following:
Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
Pollan’s words can be similarly applied to an information content diet: consume mostly “healthy” content without overindulging. The term “healthy” is sure to vary from person to person. My plants are the educational content that stands the test of time but for you, they may be different.
It’s okay to watch Netflix, play video games or scroll through your Twitter feed from time to time. But by treating your information content diet like your nutritional diet you’ll be better off in the long run.
You Are What You Consume
Consume less, create more - TJCX
Listening To: Web3 Talk and Sleepy Fish
#542: Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant
Like the Sky, or Something Else - Album by Sleepy Fish | Spotify
That’s all for now, folks! Send me an email or message with any feedback that you have, both positive and constructive. Take care and thanks for reading!
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Dave's Dives
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