Dave's Dives #1: Effective Learning and the Decentralized Web





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Dave's Dives
Dave's Dives
Welcome to the first edition of Dave’s Dives!
In this newsletter, I’ll be sending out periodic issues highlighting the best content that I’m consuming and creating: reading, writing, listening, watching, and thinking about. The structure of the newsletter is sure to evolve over the course of this journey. But hopefully, you’ll find some of these shares interesting and informative.
Let’s dive in!

The Four-Step Framework for Effective Learning
For me, learning is fun and makes life more interesting and enjoyable. But it’s easy to get caught up consuming endless amounts of content without synthesizing it properly. Alex Lieberman outlined his four-step framework for effective learning on a recent podcast episode of Founder’s Journal. In my latest blog post, I summarize his points and expand on how I’m using the framework for my own self-development.
Web3 is the internet owned by the builders and users, orchestrated with tokens. - Packy McCormick
In the past few weeks, I’ve become fascinated with Web3: a decentralized web where the builders and creators share ownership in internet creations. Development in the space is in its infancy, but that’s what makes it all the more exciting.
My interest in Web3 blossomed the more I started to understand its practical applications. Creators will own more of their content by virtue of how the blockchain works. Games like Axie Infinity are inventing new economic models for players to earn as they play. And applications like Mirror are revolutionizing the way communities monetize and share content.
Below are some of the articles that sparked my interest in this excited, decentralized landscape.
The Internet Dream | Ramen Potential
The Great Online Game
Listening To
Controlling Your Dopamine For Motivation, Focus & Satisfaction | Episode 39 - Huberman Lab | Spotify
The decentralized future - JS Party: JavaScript, CSS, Web Development | Spotify
Music Lab - Future Garage | Spotify
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