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David Lee - Issue #3

Things that make me laugh, smile or think. Tech (startups), Culture (pop), Humor (bawdy). Birthday ed

David Lee

July 8 · Issue #3 · View online
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Things that make me laugh, smile or think. Tech (startups), Culture (pop), Humor (bawdy). Birthday edition.

The Defiant Ones, Jimmy Iovine and Bill Simmons
HBO is launching “The Defiant Ones”, a mini-series on Dr. Dre and hip hop circa 1990s. Very excited for this
Bill Simmons did a podcast with Jimmy Iovine talking about the series and about Jimmy Iovine’s life. It’s the best non-sports podcast that Simmons has ever done.
As a refresher, Iovine worked with Springsteen, U2, Tom Petty, Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Eminem…and supervised the music on Sixteen Candles. WTF! The best picker in any field, ever.
Looking for Richard Feynman
"Words to Live By" -My Pinterest Page
"Words to Live By" -My Pinterest Page

Richard Feynman was the Michael Jordan of physicists. Nobel Prize Winners in Physics talked about how Feynman was on another level. Think about that for a second. F*cking Nobel Prize Winners are saying he was a level above. They were Clyde Drexler, he was Michael Jordan.
Feynman affected my life more than any other. I was a struggling and somewhat directionless 18 year old. I wasn’t sure what I liked; I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. As Tony Soprano said, I was too lazy to think for myself.
My Dad saw this and encouraged me to study Physics because I was decent at Math and Physics was more practical. So I took my first Physics class (didn’t take any in high school).
I was a disaster. I still have nightmares about the pulley problem, and the fucking ball rolling down the hill. Newtonian Mechanics was counter-intuitive to me. The professors were subpar so I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic as well.
My friend suggested that I read Feynman’s Red Books. He said that Feynman could explain any complex topic and help me understand them. He was right.
Feynman’s gift was that he could not only explain complex topics simply and clearly but he could also do it enthusiastically. For the first time, I became interested in Physics. His passion and enthusiasm was infectious. I can’t say that I became passionate about Physics, but I stuck with it long enough to help propel me to a career in technology.
The ability to explain a complex topic simply, clearly and enthusiastically is rare. You could master the first two parts but it would be hard to fake the last part. And if you are a master of the third part, people will follow you.
People often ask investors what I look for when meeting founders. There’s no archetype or template. But, if there was one such template for me, it would be Richard Feynman. Especially in this part of the tech cycle when underlying technologies and trends are more complex than ever - deep learning, genomics, cryptocurrencies, complex regulatory environments and so forth. If a founder can express this in a 45 minute meeting, then I’m hooked. I’m a sucker for this.
The Underappreciated True Story of 48-Year-Old Boxer Bernard Hopkins - The Atlantic
Most definitely not me at 48 years old.
Most definitely not me at 48 years old.
Yesterday was my birthday.
Seinfeld - "Happy birthday? No such thing" - YouTube
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David Lee, Born in Los Angeles.