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LearyTheory Small Business Ecosystem - 2018.4

Enjoy! -david
February 4 · Issue #9 · View online
LearyTheory Small Business Ecosystem
Enjoy! -david

Thought of the week
Paid content in the accounting space is a bit out of control. For example, earlier this week, I tweeted this:
Quite possibly the worst article I have EVER seen published by @AccountexUSA : ... not to mention it smells a bit like this 2013 blog post:
12:48 PM - 31 Jan 2018
The reactions on the Twitterverse included: yikes, brutal, WTF, and a gif of air freshener being sprayed.
This eventually lead to this tweet about 24 hours later:
@davidleary We sincerely appreciate your feedback on this article. Upon further review, we’ve concluded that it does not meet our journalistic standards. It has been removed from the blog.
9:49 AM - 1 Feb 2018
I have a theory of how this occurred. The app ClockSpot, hired a marketing company OutReachMama to (per their website) “grow their revenue by securing links and mentions on the web’s biggest blogs”. OutReachMama contacted AccountexUSA to get some blog space as a guest writer. (I wouldn’t be surprised if OutReachMama paid AccountexUSA for the opportunity.) OutReachMama didn’t have any experience writing about timesheets or speaking to accountants and bookkeepers, so they found a 2013 blog post from another company and basically stole it. This led to an article that was horrible on all fronts.

I have been asked how I even detected and figured this out. OK, admittedly I have a nose for this stuff, sometimes I even wish I didn’t see it. On Wednesday I opened up Twitter and the first tweet I see is from CPA_Trendlines, a curator of accounting related news (this blindly re-tweeting crap in the name of curation is a whole separate #LearySoapbox I’ll have to write about in the future) titled “The Importance of Timesheets”. Me, being someone that is a firm believer in  Ron Baker’s mantra of killing timesheets and the billable hour, I was surprised to see an article with that title geared at accountants and bookkeepers. So I clicked on it. I didn’t recognize the author as being anyone in our space so then I looked at the links in the article. It only linked to another blog post and to ClockSpot, then I tracked down the author to discover she was the OutReachMama.  Finally, I started to read the article, it was rubbish and didn’t seem to flow, almost like it had some copy/replace action sticking in the words “accounting firm”. Two google searches of later, I found the original blog post from 2013.
So what is my point in all of this? My point is that you as an educated consumer should always ask a few questions when digesting media, of any kind. Just ask some questions. 1) Who is this person writing? 2) Why did they write this? 3) What am I being sold?  Or just take an easier point of view, assume that everything is paid to play so that way when you come across something that isn’t you’ll truly appreciate it. With that said, if anyone reading wants to pay to sponsor this newsletter, I’m sure I could write something about you. :-)
Cool App, Widget, or Tech
I needed a custom carpet size for my dining room. These tiles connect via “stickers” for easy installation. If you need a carpet for your home or business, the options and sizes are only limited by your imagination.
Flor | Create Rugs That Are Stylish & Sustainable with Carpet Tiles
Podcast or Media of the Week
14 money lessons rich parents teach their kids
Something for Small Business
Ex-employee sentenced to prison for embezzling $500K from Tucson auto dealership
Something for Accountants
Make sure you are providing value!
Pieter Levels 🏝
My accountant invoiced me $300 for sending me a print out of a Google search query about sales tax rules. 🤦‍♂️

I wish someone would disrupt accountants, the majority are overpriced bullshit artists more skillful at writing invoices than helping businesses. 🌶
1:28 AM - 1 Feb 2018
Something for Developers
Intuit Developer Friday Morning Hangout – Guillaume de Smedt from Startup Grind - YouTube
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