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LearyTheory #5 - Small Business Ecosystem

It's been a long, hot summer and if you read below the fall is heating up fast! With kids back in sch
August 6 · Issue #5 · View online
LearyTheory Small Business Ecosystem
It’s been a long, hot summer and if you read below the fall is heating up fast! With kids back in school and things falling back into a rhythm, I should be able to pick up the pace on this newsletter. OK, now to hit send and hit the pool one more time before summer is officially over.

Thought of the week
I may open a can of worms with this and may need to make a deeper blog post on each, but regardless, I’m tossing these out there to all of you first.
10 Laws of Small Business SaaS Apps
  1. There is not a list of top apps. There are only smaller lists of possible apps that could be a good fit for a specific small business.
  2. There is no app that does everything.
  3. The right app today, may not be the right app tomorrow.
  4. The source of truth will be spread across many apps.
  5. Accountants: You can not possibly learn all the apps. Pick a niche and learn the apps needed for that niche.
  6. Developers: If you think your app works for every Small Business niche you are wrong.
  7. Small Business Owners: If your accountant says you need to be on QuickBooks Desktop, they haven’t explored the numerous apps that when added to QuickBooks Online are a way better solution.
  8. Apps keep small business owners and their employees out of the accounting software, which is returning to it’s natural home, the domain of the accountant/bookkeepers.
  9. Using the right app can save time, time is money, justifying the cost of the app.
  10. It’s Software as a Service (SaaS). Service is all that matters.
  11. Commodity apps will get cheaper in price, niche apps will increase prices.
  12. It’s not a conversion from desktop, it’s an upgrade to a better cloud ecosystem of solutions.
Cool App, Widget, or Tech
I’ve been recently trying out two different mediation apps: Headspace and Calm. Both are very similar, so be sure to try out both to decide which one helps you reach a state of mindfulness.
Podcast or Media of the Week
#548: Project Eavesdrop - Planet Money
Something for Small Business
Something for Accountants
I’ll be speaking at the Clio Conference in September, telling 400+ forward thinking lawyers what they can learn from the accountants journey to the cloud. If you are looking to get into the law firms niche, I highly recommend attending this conference. Did I mention I was able to get $150 discount for all my accountant friends? Just use this code QuickbooksAndClio when registering for ClioCon 2016.
Something for Developers
A/B testing isn't enough. Here are 19 growth hacks for SaaS.
Something random
Come hang out with me

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