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Frigid Light Photography Newsletter - 2021 Year in Review

Frigid Light Photography Newsletter - 2021 Year in Review
By David Howland • Issue #6 • View online
2020 was, to put it lightly, quite the year. Each year I try to recap the photos and trips that I’ve taken and pull out my favorites. I don’t stick to any arbitrary number and this year I ended up with 13 shots that best represent my year. Having 13 photos seems very appropriate for 2020. 13 photos would make this email far too long so I’m going to share my top three here and link to my blog for the full set.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic upended my (and everyone else’s) plans for the year and kept me close to home from March onwards. I’m incredibly lucky that friends and family are healthy and safe so far but i can’t wait to get vaccines widely distributed and hopefully return to something resembling normal.
I also quit my full time job at the beginning of November to pursue photography full time. My first two months as a full time photographer were mostly taken up with the crazy holiday rush of orders on Etsy and my website. I’m looking forward to taking more photography trips around New England when and were it’s safe to do so.
Jordan Pond Sunrise II
I took this photo of sunrise over Jordan Pond from the top of North Bubble at sunrise. My parents and I hiked up in the dark to the rocky outcropping of North Bubble and, although the actual sunrise itself was lackluster, golden hour just after sunrise was beautiful. The indirect light from the rising sun picked up purple hues in the clouds and the golden yellows and reds of the foliage below.
Sunrise over Nobska Lighthouse
I always try to make it to Nobska Lighthouse for sunrise at least once in December. The sun lines up nicely behind the lighthouse along Nobska Beach and the winter sunrises on Cape Cod are almost always fantastic. This year was no exception.
Normally in June I would head up to Sugar Hill, NH for the Lupine Festival in the White Mountains. This year that was out of the question so I stayed on Cape Cod and drove out to Fort Hill in the Cape Cod National Seashore.
Fort Hill has a field of non-native lupines that bloom in early summer each year. The only free evening that I had to drive out there was forecasted to be rainy and windy but I decided to check it out anyways and I’m very glad I did. I got rained on all the way out to Eastham and while I was setting up my tripod and camera. As soon as I turned on my camera to take the first photo the rain stopped and a brilliant rainbow started to glow in the sky from the horizon straight up. As sun set behind the departing storm clouds, the whole field almost seemed to glow. It was truly a beautiful evening at Fort Hill.
If you enjoyed these three photos, please click below to open up my full blog post with all 13 of my favorite photos from the year.
Bonus: Penelope
If you got this far, here’s a picture of my dog Penelope taking her trip to the beach very seriously. I think there was a seagull flying around that she felt a serious responsibility to keep an eye on.
Up Next
It’s my favorite season of the year and although there hasn’t been much snow in New England so far this winter, we have managed to avoid the typical January thaw. A year ago this week it hit 72 degrees in Boston so the weather could be worse! I’m trying to do more winter hiking and backcountry skiing this year to avoid the crowds and stay safe.
If you’d like to see more real time updates you can follow me on Instagram at @frigidlight.
January 2021 Phone Wallaper
That’s all for this month! Have any feedback for me? Do you wish this newsletter was 100% Penelope photos without me gabbing on about photography? Let me know by clicking the feedback buttons at the end of the email or just replying directly to me.
Did you enjoy this issue?
David Howland

Each month I share new images, a phone wallpaper, and other content about Cape Cod, New England, and beyond.

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