In The Eye Of My Mind - Issue #31





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David Amerland
David Amerland
Alone, none of us matters. So the connections between us create meaning not just in who we are but also in how we think and how we perceive the world. Today’s five little links owe almost half to Scott Monty whose thinking is always worth paying attention to. Scott & I talked a little about “Intentional”, covid, identity and what we need to survive the uncertainty we are facing. It’s all capped off by a suitably Freudian view on how economics is changing and the latest approach to memory (and mind) that does not exist just in the brain. Enjoy, and stay safe!

Why The Connections Between Us All Truly Matter
One Collector's Rabid Obsession - by Scott Monty - Timeless & Timely
The id and the nudge: where Freud meets behavioural economics | Psyche Ideas
How memories persist where bodies, and even brains, do not | Aeon Essays
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David Amerland
David Amerland @DavidAmerland

Busy resisting entropy. Contrib.
. Represented by The Knight Agency. Political at times out of conviction not ideology. Latest book: "Intentional"

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